Orion headless

Poetry, art, found objects


by Ricky Garni

I tried to date this pretty girl but I was troubled by her name. It was a short name, just three letters, and it had a soft sound at the beginning and then a very hard sound at the end. The hard sound was so very hard, it felt like you were slamming your fingers in a car door. The soft sound was so soft it was almost as though it was the wind whispering in your ear. Have you ever tasted the lips of a woman who has just drunk sweet white wine, the whisper of wind in your ear, followed by the door slamming on your fingers? There is this terrible moment when you realize that your hand is caught in the car door, and you don’t want anyone to open the car door because you are terrified by the idea that your fingers will fall to the ground. You want for time to stand still forever, but this is just because you don’t like the way the future is looking and you want it to stop. There is a soft sound like the wine in your ear, the taste of wine, and then a hard sound, and then of course, a car door. What can you do? You might not like the future, but it is Thanksgiving after all, dinner is ready and everybody is waiting for you to be brave. Everyone would like a glass of wine now. Eventually, somebody will pour the wine.

I tried to date a girl once, but it was just too hard.


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    This was brilliant, Ricky. Thanks for the good read.

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