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Jacob McCombs’ Middle Name

by Kana Philip

Jacob Entwistle McCombs pushed in the stake that forced his surplus tent into a perfect, upside down V.

He picked up a stick and called, ‘c’mon, boy’ to Thaddeus, and threw the stick down amongst the mossy river rocks.

When Thaddeus brought the stick back, his leg fur sagged with wet. Jacob scratched Thaddeus between the eyes and read a three day old newspaper.

“John Entwistle died of a heart attack,” Jacob said, “I wonder if Dad heard about it.”

Later, when it was dark, Jacob pulled out his flashlight and unfolded a map on which he’d circled many towns and cities in red marker. Under Thaddeus’ panting oversight, Jacob drew a new circle, this one is pencil, around Sanford, Michigan.


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    I love this story! I want to know everything about Jacob Entwistle McCombs.

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