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Gold Standard

by Stephen V. Ramey

Shelly injected gold leaf into her veins. Her thinking was that as it settled out she would become both more valuable and less vulnerable. Instead, she nearly died from blood poisoning. Her skin turned the color of tarnished copper. Her insurance refused to pay for chelation therapy. Her boyfriend dumped her. Her boss fired her. She returned home to a stack of unpaid bills and a dead cat. In due course she was evicted. Now she roams the streets, turning tricks to get by. “All because I tried to make something of myself,” she explains in her more lucid moments.


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    “You can’t always get what you want”. Neat story, Steve.


    This is so sad and probably more true than most of us will ever know. I like the poetic quality of this.


    This is a very strong micro. Would love to read more of her tale.


    Talk about compact and intense!! WOW! Well-written, Stephen!


    This is what micro is meant to be — a story, a powerful story, in a few precious words. Good job.


    “make something of myself” — indeed; nice work, Steve!


    Thanks for your kind comments, everybody.


    Great story.

    Very sad, but very true.


    Poetic premise, and I love the ending especially.


    Oooh, nice visual. Reminds me of a gold peach leaf necklace I picked up in Atlanta as a kid. Really beautiful prose.


    Funny and sad! Nice work!

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