Orion headless

Poetry, art, found objects

for far-flung waters

poetry by Nicolette Wong

Take Me To The Next Wasteland

Sand flaps and strews. In every direction
heaves the chorus of departure—
Where are the gods who reap
the chimera of sea?

                                   I rebuke my name
where your ring rusts into braille scars
of the earth, onto the bones of days—


A little coo will flood the desert
beyond these cactus arias

lined with sand. Beside me
there is a vapor trail leading back

to the mannequins I burnt
when you strummed departure,

your voice scything through
the moon charts tossed

three lifetimes ago—shipwreck,
troupe aground with music

shattering hot air. I have plodded
along the mutinies ever since

you have been singing
for far-flung waters

I cannot hold in my hands.


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    Fabulous! Original, rich, images that mess with my mind. And the pair of poems go perfectly together.

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